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Sundej Mi Měsíc (2010)

Sundej mi měsíc (2010)

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About book Sundej Mi Měsíc (2010)

Gregory Hughes has written an extraordinary and heart warming story that captured all of my emotions. In many parts of the story I laughed out loud, and other times I would find myself tearing up. The book took myself and the characters on a journey unlike any other, as we discovered another part of the world while venturing off on our own.The characters in this book are very unique with original personalities. Ten year old Marie Claire, or is also known as “The Rat” to her older brother Bob, is a brave, fearless and a soccer-loving young girl, who suffers from health problems. Marie Claire’s older brother Bob who is thirteen is the protector of The Rat and is always there for her. Together they live in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba in a house on the prairies of the city. “The land that is so flat you can watch your dog run away for three days”. When Bob was young his mother was killed in a car crash, he is now thirteen with a ten year old sister and now their dad has passed away from a heart attack. Bob and Marie Claire are left orphaned with no family left except for their Uncle Jerome Dibiller that they have never met, who is said to be a drug dealer that lives in New York City. They decide to adventure off in search of their uncle and on the way meeting friends who assist them on their mission but also running into many dangers along the way. I would recommend this book to ages thirteen and up because of some coarse language that is found throughout the book and also some violent scenes in the story. Although, the book can also teach some valuable lessons to kids. The book shares an amazing story that can teach people what family and friendship truly is and that even though sometimes things get in the way, they will always be there for you. At first, this book was hard for me to follow and take seriously. Because I have kids around the ages of the kids in this book, I had a hard time envisioning my babies roaming around New York all alone like Bob and Rat did. About halfway through the book, though, I was able to put that aside and just enjoy the story unfolding. It was quirky, touching, fun and engaging. It didn't make for a great discussion book, as far as book club discussions go, but made for a quick and interesting read.*had some minor language throughout the book

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This is the first-book that made me cry. It is so sad!

I won the giveaway! *eagerly waiting for book*

I fell for this book, it was breathtaking.

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