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Sunrise At Sunset (2010)

Sunrise at Sunset (2010)
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Sunrise At Sunset (2010)
Sunrise At Sunset (2010)

About book: Review of Jaz Primo’s Sunrise at Sunset RevampedGreetings Readers and Literary Adventurers! Mariah Lynde here with another review for your book hoarding pleasure! Admittedly, I’ve been quiet for a couple of weeks and for that I beg your forgiveness. Needless to say, with the beginning of the school year alongside my growing list of books to be read while writing books of my own, hectic is a kind word. This past Friday night I was lucky enough to acquire a copy of the recently revamped paranormal romance “Sunrise at Sunset” by Jaz Primo. I will tell you honestly I was pleasantly surprised and enraptured by what I found. As always I will refrain from giving away spoilers while I touch on the important parts of the story. This book introduces us to a paranormal romance of a different kind. While on many levels it gives us the gritty, edgy quality that we all want to see in stories of creatures that go bump in the night, it also changes the normal parameters of such a story. Sunrise at Sunset is the story of modern day vampire Katrina, who has spent years living among the human populace and wandering alone. She is an alpha female who is calm, controlled, and knows what she wants in her life. Unlike most popular paranormal fiction, in this book we are given a heroine to lead the story. Driven by her past and the events of her life, Katrina embodies the strength and resilience that only true survivors would know or understand. With her vampiric nature making her every bit a true predator, Katrina is the essence of a complex heroine character that becomes more fascinating as you learn more about her. Throughout the book you are given small facts and hints about the truth of Katrina’s eternal life and the loneliness that such an existence had brought with it. Coupled with the obvious struggle of nature versus nurture, Katrina is someone that as a reader you become rapidly enamored with. To further expand on that, is Caleb Taylor. The romantic interest to out disheartened heroine, he is a beta male to Karina alpha status. While most would balk at such a pairing, Jaz Primo presents this scenario with a blend of humor, grace, and heartfelt understanding that brings these characters to life for the audience. Caleb is an unassuming man whose life is seemingly normal, if not touched by tragedy. In this novel we find him as a simple history professor at a small southern college that wants nothing more than happiness in his life. So when a mysterious woman catches his eye, he takes the risk with his heart and begins a profound journey into a new world with Katrina at his side. This story is one that is completely captivating in its narrative. With a supporting cast as diverse and enriching as the main characters themselves, I found myself captivated by this story. It is a refreshing new take on the definition of ‘typical’ romance novels. Jaz Primo does an excellent job of balancing the alpha female to beta male with a depth of heart and understanding that proves romance novels are about the connection of people to one another and not their perceived status among others. Coupling that with well written and exciting fight scenes, dry humor, and more than a little luck I am giving this book a five star rating with the recommendation that anyone looking for a true romantic read with a paranormal setting check this out. I was entranced with the story from start to finish and look forward to picking up the other books in this series. ** Side Note – It should be noted that ‘REVAMPED’ is the second edition of this book that was released this year. A note from the author is offered in the beginning that explains any changes from the original. While this is the first time I have read the novel since its first edition release in 2010, I believe anyone who picks up this book whether they’ve read it before or not will enjoy the fresh presentation. Bad books are painful for a book lover... I almost never give only one star. I give two stars to books that annoy me, but this one? BORING. And to think the beginning was actually promising... But after about one quarter into the book I just couldn't take it any more, couldn't continue reading about the totally uninteresting things the characters were doing - not even the stalker-ish Katrina was in any way interesting. So... I skipped to the ending, I thought I could see at least how it ended after losing my time reading some of it. But guess what? Even the ending was boring and insipid - and it had a fight with a revengeful Aztec vampire antagonist and sacrifices in the name of love... It shouldn't have been that bad, but unfortunately it was. I didn't have the dubious "pleasure" of reading any love scene (due to my skipping) but, after reading some of the other comments... seriously? So there was something funny in this book after all...
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GREAT!!!!!! A hold you from first page through the last page. AWESOME job Jaz!
I just can't finish it lol.
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it was a read book.
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