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Sunrise Point (2012)

Sunrise Point (2012)

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About book Sunrise Point (2012)

This is Virgin River #19. Nora Crane is the young woman the town found living with nothing in an abandoned house(in previous books). The town fixed it up a bit for her and her two little girls. Now she wants a seasonal job picking apples at the Cavanaugh orchard. Her family needs the money badly but when Tom interviews her, he says no. He feels can't do the job and he is attracted to her. But his grandmother overrules him. She was once in a situation similar to Nora's and feels for her. Nora is not what Tom thinks he should have for a wife but she is what he needs. Does Nora think the same way?I liked this story. Nora busted her butt to care for her girls. One thing puzzled me though. When Tom told Nora he was driving her to and from work because of the bears, he mentioned the man that got hurt. (Dylan from Redwood Bend) Why didn't he say that to her. Nora knows who he is because of Leslie, her neighbor.It's in this story that we meet Hank Cooper who heads off the Thunder Point, Oregon - another series. Loved, loved, loved this book!Nora Crane is a character who's past and current situation hit home with me. Really hard. She's a young mother of two with no family to help her out. With friends in Virgin River ready to help her, she improves her situation by apple picking at a orchard... where she meets Tom Cavanaugh a former marine.And, guess what? He hasn't had an easy life either being dumped on his grandmother's front porch and told he was a mistake.While Nora suppresses her feelings Tom seems unaware that the perfect woman he thinks he wants is really the one he sees every morning. They become friends. And, then Nora and her children find a place in Virgin River permanently.Amazing characters and with lots of respect for family and friends who help when needed.

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A sweet Virgin River book. It was nice to see Nora find love and visit with some old friends.

Really enjoyed the friendship development but wished for more at the end!

I loved this book. Loved the characters, except of course not Darla.

It was an incredibly story, and I absolutely loved the characters!

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