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Superfudge (2007)

Superfudge (2007)
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Superfudge (2007)
Superfudge (2007)

About book: "Superfudge" by Judy Blume was a good book. I liked it, because it was an easy read, and also funny. Peter is the oldest sibling in the house. Fudge is Peters little brother. Peter and Fudge like each other, but as siblings, they don't really get along. Peters mom and dad want to have a talk with him. He goes into the dining room by them and sits down. They tell him they're having another baby. Peter doesn't like this. Once he tells Fudge this, he won't like it either. Fudge through a huge fit and told his parents to get rid of it. Another Fudge!? He doesn't get along with the sibling he does have. What is he going to do with another one?Peter and Fudge have a lot of ups and downs in this book. They both love each other, but it's hard to get along with one another. They're going to be having another sibling join the family, and they don't like the idea to much. As their little sister comes along they learn to like her. They don't think she's to bad after all. When she's sleeping."Superfudge" takes place in New Jersey present day, and around the town. New Jersey is important in this book, because it has certain places and areas that Fudge and Peter go that really explain what it's like there.There are a lot of themes in "Superfudge", but the one to stand out more is loving what you have. Peter and Fudge don't want a little sister around, but learn that she is now apart of the family, and they can't get rid of her. They can only love her. They came to realize that she's not that bad, and can be really funny at timesI would recommend "Superfudge" by Judy Blume to anyone in middle school and high school. It's a quick easy read, but you will also enjoy reading the book.

I remember reading Judy Blume when I was younger and while I wasn't crazy about it, I enjoyed reading her books. All grown up and I find that my taste in books has not changed a jolt. So although I enjoyed some aspects of the book, such as Fudge and his funny lines or his silly ways ( I especially enjoyed when he put stamps all over his little sister) I found a lot of it to be easily forgetable and predictable. I also felt that it was out-dated in parts. For example, tapes were mentioned and the "new" law about picking up after your dog. I felt that for my book group of 9-12 year old girls, this would be too young. Knowing how grown-up these girls tend to be, I would suggest this book be for 8 to 10 year olds. Also, as it is a mother-daughter book group this book would be for, I want more female leads that the girls can identify with. Needless to say there are not many of these in the book, barr Peter and Fudge's mother. So overall, while I found this book funny at times, I felt it wasn't right for my particular group so it will not be used. However, I would reccommend this book to those children who have younger siblings they often complain about- they will be grateful they don't have fudge as a little brother after reading this!
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Hey Francesca! Did you get the invitation to join the book group? It's different from simply being a member of Good Reads! We'll get it all sorted out! XO Sally
In third grade or maybe it was second, I don't remember, but I had the same teacher for both grades so it's irrelevant to the story; so anyway in whatever grade, second or third, my teacher started to read from Superfudge to the class every Friday afternoon. The class got enthralled in the book, and getting a hold of the book from the school library was a pretty impressive feat since everyone in the class wanted the one copy. I can still remember exactly where on the shelf it would have sat if the book had ever actually been in, but trying to get this book became something on an obsession of mine, going to the shelf to see if the book was there on every library trip. Even after I finally did get a hold of the book from the library (when I was in fourth grade (or third), I think that the teacher actually had taken out the elusive only copy of the book to read to us from), I would still check on the status of the book being in or out everytime I stopped in the library. This book I hold as my first book obsession, and even though it never dawned on me to just go to the local bookstore, or maybe town library to get a copy, it still paved the way for many later obsessions with various books and getting them into my greedy little hands so that I could covet them forever and ever (this almost makes it sound like a stole the book, which I did not. Actually I never even owned this book, I only read it twice, both times by taking it out of the library like a person does. It wrong to steal from libraries anyway. Really really wrong.)
Superfudge by Judy Blume is the third book in her Fudge series. Although entertaining and a nice addition, it's definitely for older children. While I could get away with reading the first and second book in the series to my five-year-old, this one had several sections I had to "fudge" over a bit. From the chapter on discovering where babies come from to the chapter on uncovering the truth about Santa Claus, you can tell this is very much a book from a sixth grader's point of view. I remember loving them when I was in fourth grade, but I was older. I think we'll hold off on finishing this series for a bit especially since I have so many others that I can't wait to read with my son. From Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, to the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, there's a huge stack of wonderful stories on my shelf waiting to be shared with my son. As for the Fudge series, it's still a beloved story in our house. So much so, that we've taken to calling my two-year-old twins Fudge 1 and Fudge 2. I highly recommend the series, just make sure you read them first if you want to share them with a younger child.
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