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Sweet Disgrace (2010)

Sweet Disgrace (2010)

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About book Sweet Disgrace (2010)

As far as greetings go, Damael’s customary ”hello, sweet angel” should be totally acceptable, even charming. Unfortunately, he is never met with anything but scorn from the female he’s been crushing on for eons. Of course, that could be because he’s a demon, while the object of his affection is, indeed, an angel. Whenever they meet, they’re on opposing sides. Celeste’s trying to save humans who have, or are about to sign their souls over to demons. People like Adam, whose 20 years in the public limelight, is almost up.Unfortunately, Celeste is once again up against one of Hell’s best negotiators. Damael, the foul minion from Hell. And she’s so desperately tired of losing. How could she possibly reject Damael’s offer to release his soul, in exchange for one scorching hot and sinful night with Celeste?Sweet Disgrace has been one of my favorite PNR novellas from the moment I first read the story. And I’ve re-read it several times since. It’s not just the forbidden love aspect and the feelings they’ve both denied for so long. It’s the self sacrifice people, and, it would seem, even demons would go to for the person they love. Sweet Disgrace is the ultimate story of how opposites attract, and I’m really glad I found it. I'm not saying it's terribly original. This is a classic bad boy meets sweet girl story, but what can I say? It worked for me:-) This short novella does not disappoint if you are looking for a love story between angels and demons. Celest & Damael are barganing for the soul of a musician who in his youth sold his sould to the Devil. Damael is there to collect what had been sold years ago, and Celest is there trying to change Damael's mind and to find for his soul in heaven's court. Celest and Damael are no strange to each other, having met a few times in the past centuries and naturally Damael has a thing for Celest. Yes, predictable, but somehow Cherrie Lynn makes it work. Not only her sex scenes are always well written, but also the setting works. Her description of the creatures and their relationships are gripping even if lacks originality.A fast read but no less enthralling.

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Good angel/demon paranormal novella. Loved the sexual tension between the characters. Quick read.

Really unique concept. I liked it but then I like anything Ms. Lynn writes.

It was actually pretty good!

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