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Sweet Dreams Lullaby (2010)

Sweet Dreams Lullaby (2010)
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Sweet Dreams Lullaby (2010)
Sweet Dreams Lullaby (2010)

About book: Sweet Dreams Lullaby by Betsy E. SnyderRelease Date – December 26, 2012*A review copy of this book was viewed from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review*It’s time for bunny’s bedtime and the opening page is perfect. It’s to let your dreams flow and see where they will take you. Bunny finds himself in the meadow where he is able to experience all kinds of wonder.This book is a beautiful bedtime story. The illustrations are softly colored and along with the words make a soothing picture that is sure to soothe any child. I loved the colors chosen for the illustrations; even though they are muted they are still vibrant and beautiful.I don’t know about your house but bedtime is always an ordeal in ours. Lilly loves her bedtime stories and always begs for me. She really enjoyed this one. The star “constellations” on the front and back covers were fun too. We give Sweet Dreams Lullaby 4½ stars. A rhyming lullaby about various nature scenes that would make a sweet dream.The illustrations are very soothing and sweet. There is a very calm, bedtime colour palette that makes reading this at bedtime very appropriate. The lullaby itself is fun and relaxing to read aloud.The front and end pages are filled with constellations tracing the various animals found within the book. These were a huge hit with my son.
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Very cute, my daughter loved it. The illustrations are beautiful.
This has some sweet poetry for bed time and nice illustrations.
Sweet soft pictures and good rhyme.
The pictures are really beautiful.
soothing rhymes. magical.
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