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Sweet Rome (2000)

Sweet Rome (2000)

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About book Sweet Rome (2000)

I just finished reading this story. At first I was thinking this was just a retelling of the first book but in Rome's POV. I WAS SOOOOOOOO WRONG!!!!! There was so much more to this story. We all knew how Rome felt for Molly but this story delved deeper into him and you got the full story of his feelings. I always wondered what Rome did during his separation with Molly. Now I know. Now I also know the support he got from his "true" family. I was disappointed that his god awful mother didn't get more of a punishment but then again I guess she did get hers eventually. Anyways I loved the story and would recommend to read. Pretty much just as the synopsis says, this is the same exact story as book one, Sweet Home, except its Rome's side of things. So those secret conversations on the phone with his parents, the fights with his team mates, discussions with Shelly are all explained here, along with his feelings and a few extras that didn't come up in book one. Its actually quite easy to just skim through most of the book since about 90% of it is just repetition. Only the last two or three chapters are new additions to the Rome/Molly love story, which is probably this books biggest saving grace as those last few chapters are quite enjoyable. I don't really think its necessary or essential to read this book as part of the series, the author mentions that readers wanted more of Rome and while I appreciate reading something from his POV, I would have enjoyed this better if it actually contained a new story. His POV should have just been included in book one from the start. I'm a little peeved that I paid, essentially twice for the same book.

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I loved Romeo's POV!!!! I love him even more. I must say, that is what you call an epilogue!!!!

2.5 starerm .. well I prefer book 1 ... and book 1 ain't THAT good either.

LOVED Romeo's POV.

Loved it.


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