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Sweet Sofie (2000)

Sweet Sofie (2000)

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About book Sweet Sofie (2000)

Qué decir acerca de éste libro, es bueno si... pero demasiado drama por algo tan X, bueno tres estrellas para Sofie porque todo lo que pasó y jura, y a mi modo de ver sigue siendo la niña de TODOS, tres estrellas para Eric Diego por Dramático!!!! Y definitivamente mi personaje favorito en este libro fue Brandon!!!! AMO A BRANDON!!! Muero por leer el libro de él... 5 estrellas para Brandon precioso! I quite liked this book but I didn't think it deserved 5 stars. The start of the book was really good just seeing them in a new light when they were younger its just refreshing. I love how the brothers are quite protective of Sofie. I think when the main part of the story came it just started repeating itself. Altogether it was a good book is felt like the things in the book actually happen in real life. I personally prefer the other books in the Moreno brothers series.

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Sofia! Always being watched by her brothers. Love the story.

Another great Read! Elizabeth Reyes doesn't disappoint.

Oh sweet sofie, so darling and cute. I loved it.

So nice to hear her side of it

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