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Sweet Tooth - Depois Do Apocalipse, Vol. 1 Saindo Da Mata (2012)

Sweet Tooth - Depois do Apocalipse, Vol. 1 Saindo da mata (2012)

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About book Sweet Tooth - Depois Do Apocalipse, Vol. 1 Saindo Da Mata (2012)

I was looking for a completely different "Sweet Tooth", when I saw this and thought: huh. Looks interesting. Plus, it got some great reviews, so I'll give it a try.Well, I liked it, but I won't be rushing out to get the next one. Gus, or Sweet Tooth, is a boy who grows up in the forest with his dad who tells him never ever to leave the forest, because the outside world is an all-consuming hell.It turns out that a plague has ravished the world and only kids who are some sort of animal-human hybrid weren't affected. As you can tell from the cover, Gus belongs to this type - he has nice antlers growing out of his head. After his dad dies however, Gus is forced to leave the forest and meet the outside world...The story is not particularly captivating or surprising, though Gus did grow on me as a character. His naive sense of himself and the world, and the way he articulates himself appealed to me. I have to admit that I didn't like the artwork, although when I take a step back and look at it, I know it has a purpose. The raw, sketch-like drawings fit the tone of the story and some panels were quite interesting, but I just didn't like them aesthetically. I haven't read enough comics yet to be able to judge and compare this one properly. Overall I liked it, even if I found the art to be lacking and I might read the next volume to see which direction the story is going to take. Following some pandemic of sorts, certain human hybrids display animal characteristics. Gus, our protagonist, has Bambi eyes, a pair of deer ears and antlers on his head. He's been living in isolation in the woods with his aging father and, forbidden to go past a fence, has never clapped eyes on another human being.His innocent world comes to a crashing and violent end when his father dies and hunters find him. A drifter saves him from the hunters and together, they travel through a devastated country towards The Preservation, what the drifter describes as a safe haven for hybrid children like Gus.

Do You like book Sweet Tooth - Depois Do Apocalipse, Vol. 1 Saindo Da Mata (2012)?

Like McCarthy's The Road in comic book form, read it and let it melt your cold, cold heart.

A poignant breeze read. Must read more.

too short for me, but it was good

4.5 Stars!

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