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Swept Aside (2010)

Swept Aside (2010)

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I had won these three books from Sharon's contest and I will be buying her books from now on......great author, love the character's..........and I usually read historial romance, but I do stray sometimes, and this was a great stray.......I say, move over Nora Roberts!!!You feel like your standing right beside the characters and enuring it all with them.....the good and the bad.All 3 of these bks are page turners...... It's been a long time since I read the first two books of this series (over a year), so I'm glad that this book was only loosely connected to the other ones. The book focuses on Nick Aroyo, an undercover DEA agent, who is on the run with three other criminals, and Amalie Pope, the woman whose house they invade. While the men are there, holding her hostage, Amalie begins to trust Nick and, when she learns the truth of him, she finally allows herself to admit she has feelings for him. Oh, but, surprise! Nick feels the same way! After a whole bunch of crazy stuff happens, they finally live happily ever after.I loved the characters. I liked the plot. It was an overall good book. I think the first of the series is probably my favorite of the three.

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Loved all three of these books in this series. Hated to put it down.

always enjoy her stories

Review to come.


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