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Swoon At Your Own Risk (2010)

Swoon at Your Own Risk (2010)
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Swoon At Your Own Risk (2010)
Swoon At Your Own Risk (2010)

About book: Why I picked it up: I was looking for a western for a reading challenge and this came up as set in a western-themed water park, so I thought I’d try it out.I stopped reading partly because I didn’t think it was western-themed enough to qualify for what I needed and partly because I didn’t care. Polly seemed very cardboard, I could tell from the first 3 chapters the basic outlines of what was going to happen (and based on reading the last 2 pages, I was right) and it just felt very much like a book I’ve read many times before. 2.5 stars - I HATED this book at first, but it ended up growing on me a little bit later on.At first, I couldn't stand Polly. She was self-centered and bugged the crap out of me. I hated how her world revolved around guys - and I'm not talking about the I have a guy, I'm going to lose myself in him - which she did also. I'm talking about not being able to think about anything but how hot the boy is and how she wants to make out with him. Get a grip! You're acting like a sex-crazed 14 year old boy!But the book ended up surprising me as I learned to like Polly a little more - just a little more but at least it's something. I find out why Polly is the way she is, but still doesn't give her a good excuse to act like a total bitch. And she's a HORRIBLE friend.I do like Xander, though I think he's a bit TOO sappy for my taste. Swoon-worthy I like. Romantic I like. I can't put my finger on it, but Xander crosses that grey, undefined line just a little bit.Still not a bad read after I got through about the first third of the book - and just a warning, it's really LONG for your typical light, fun read..
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Polly works at Wild Waves water park where her ex, Sawyer, works as well.
what a fun witty pre-summer read. Polly Martin charmed the socks off me.
Couldn't get past the third chapter.
Really good
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