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Szczęśliwe Poszukiwania (2013)

Szczęśliwe Poszukiwania (2013)

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About book Szczęśliwe Poszukiwania (2013)

talk about good timing! rushing out of a club, Ian bumps into Roxanne. knocks her over in more ways than one ;) the pair hit it off not knowing that they were supposed to be at the same party that night. not sure that the one night could mean more, the pair figure it out. some connections cannot be explained, only understood. some things are simply meant to be! Nice job Katee Robert - each books keeps getting better than the one before! Nice and easy story that leads straight from the first book. I like how real they feel as people with problems but it's all a bit fast love for me, maybe its why i understand Roxanne in the "she doesn’t believe in love" for me i just don't feel her falling in love so fast was not real or maybe it's just me being a "i read love but don't do love" girl. we all have demons... looking forward to the next book.

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yah.. like the first one it was also okay.

I love it! Short but hot.

This book was hilarious!

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