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Taboo For You (2013)

Taboo For You (2013)

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This was OK. Good enough to finish, but a bit wishy-washy for my liking. Like really, they're supposed best friends, yet Sam doesn't even know Luke is gay! And FYI; if you're a dude, and your male friend suggests a Star Wars movie fest from the comfort of his bed (the couch just isn't comfortable enough apparently!), then there's a chance he's into you! lol! There were too many obvious things happening with this story. (Jul) This was just very sweet. Sam and Luke have been neighbors and close friends for years. 35 year old Luke is just now coming out of the closet to his family, but has never been able to tell Sam a) that he's gay and b) that he's in love with him. Sam is freaking out because he's about to turn 30 and feels like he's done nothing with his life since his son was born on his 15th bday. Said son Jeremy just wants to fool around with Suzy, but due to his parents' vigilance, he's barely given any time to be alone, and certainly not with a girl (they don't want to see history repeat itself). So Jeremy decides to pretend he's gay so his parents (especially Mom) will back off and not be worried he was going to knock up some girl.It's fun to watch Sam bumble around, trying to figure out what to do with his life. It never seems to occur to him how important Luke is to him, until he decides to ask Luke to help him with his before-30-bucket-list, which includes sexual experimentation. Luke, trying to keep his lust and love undercover, is both pleased and pained to help Sam experiment, although he does not want to be an experiment, he wants to be forever. GFY books make me happy, and this one was just cute, not angsty, and made me smile.

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Two teenage girls trapped in the bodies of middle-aged men. DNF

Such a pretty story!! :) Loved every second of it..

5 stars all around *hi-fiving a million angels*

3.5 stars

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