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Tagebuch Der Apokalypse 2 (2010)

Tagebuch der Apokalypse 2 (2010)

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About book Tagebuch Der Apokalypse 2 (2010)

Finished this morning and to be honest I was glad I was done.There is book 3 but to me this book became a bit over the top en again to me, ridiculous so I think I am going to not read the last book. He is going to China I believe?This author is a typical male writer but that is not fair cause I know many male authors who can come up with good detailed characters.Lots of talk about the weapons which I do not care much about.I am sure there are people who will enjoy this book though. These books are really great zombie books. Suspenseful and well written. Beyond Exile is the second in the series and picks up just after an incredibly dramatic moment with ::drum roll: a NEW incredibly dramatic situation! I caught my self gasping and sitting at the edge of my seat through a large amount of this book. The zombies are scary, the main character is likable, and the suspense just builds and builds. Great read if you like zombies

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A good story that's well told. Characters develop so well you really don't want to see them eaten.

Didn't see that ending coming... I don't necessarily mean that in a good way...

Enjoyed this book so much couldn't put it down

Militaristic fantasy of the zombie holocaust.

Meh again.

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