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Tak Padne Náš Svět (2012)

Tak padne náš svět (2012)

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About book Tak Padne Náš Svět (2012)

When I was in 8th grade, I went to the library and I spotted this book. I read the cover and it seemed interesting enough. I was hooked on from the very beginning. The way Crewe formatted the story (through diary entries) improved it greatly. This virus, which spreads through the air, is so terrifying because you can never really avoid it. I thought this book would be one of those end-of-the-world and deadly virus stories, but it is so unique. The fact that they are in Canada on an island makes it even better. I cannot imagine how the citizens must feel, to be cut off from the rest of the world entirely. What I loved was that she kept her cool throughout most of the book, until the end of course, which left me in tears. I recommended this to one of my friends and we became obsessed with the trilogy. We even made a movie trailer with a few of our other friends because we loved the book so much. It was really fun making it but I wish someone would create a real movie out of this. I would see it on the first day. Absolutely phenomenal book. this book is not good, the premise and diary style execution is good, but the characters and their motivation are terribly defined even non existent in the case of tessa and drew. the way the story is told through diary entries has potential but is very badly executed here, the events of the story are almost listed off without any emotion.this is a badly written book, and i will not be reading any more of this series

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Predictable and not really that interesting. I finished it because I was waiting for a surprise...

Amazing! The whole series is great :)

Loved it. Beautiful writing style.

creepy but very entertaining

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