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Take What You Want (2013)

Take What You Want (2013)

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1493616269 (ISBN13: 9781493616268)
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******* SPOILERS BELOW!!!!! I can't do mmf, and from what I've been seeing, the girl is basically third wheel and her fiancé the main guy cheated on her with Zander. NIH uh can't do this, cuz basically her fiancé included her cuz he was feelin guilty. Anywhos for me three a crowd, prefer strict paired partnering's with either gender only. I know a lot of ppl rated this 4-5 stars but I just can't, but I did love and enjoy the first book and was looking forward to Zander's as well but knew from his foreshadowing from the first book that he would be involved in a mmf relationship and secretly hoped the author changed her mind and made it strictly mm. But sadly no. But if mmf and sneaking behind you lovers at first don't bother you, then this book is for you. --DNF I just adored this story! I knew I would fall in love with Zander/Alex when Ann gave us a taste of him in book 1! I am so glad he was the next story. I love mm but ménage is by far my favorite genre so this book was an easy choice for me to make! I loved seeing the passion between Alex and Chase, their chemistry was beautiful to read. I also liked Danni, though I would be lying if I didn't say I was greatly displeased with some of her actions through out the story. She was a bit childish but grew up by the end so that was good. I enjoyed seeing a little more of Dagger and Ryan, i fell in love with their story and I enjoyed getting a glimpse of their happy ever after.I look forward to Jayson and Coopers book. I hope we see more of Alex, Chase and Danni in book 3.

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