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Takeoffs And Landings (2003)

Takeoffs and Landings (2003)

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When I began reading this, my eyes started rolling and all I could think of is, "Oh no, not another teen angst story!" However, as I continued I realized this story was much more. It is very simply written and could easily be overlooked. But somehow this short novel worked for me. I loved how the point of view switched between characters and we caught a glimpse of three people trapped in their own perceptions. So many problems in relationships are caused by lack of or poorly executed communication and this novel caught that very thing. Perhaps I'm reading more into this book than there was, but I did enjoy it.

This book is about a family who lost there father eight years ago. Lori and Chuck are the older siblings who have to watch over there younger siblings because there mother is a motivational speaker and is traveling most of the time. There grandparents help take care of them mean while there mother is away. Lori and Carl use to be close when there father was alive but after his death their relationship changed. This book was good but I felt like it dragged on in some parts and was a bit young for me. Overall I would recommend this book to younger readers.

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A good read about a teenage girl and boy who accompany their mother on one of her motivational speaking tours. The mom wants to connect with the kids, who have felt pretty much abandoned by her. The mom has spent most of her time doing the speaking circuit since her husband (the kids' father) died 8 years ago. Lori is angry, Chuck is in his own world, the mom is in her own world. I enjoyed the story being told from different points of view and how the characters felt and reacted toward each other.

This is a rather short book(I read it in an afternoon). I wasn't expecting much when I read the summary and "not much" was exactly what I got. I found the characters to be so whiny and self-centered that I really had a difficult time not putting the book down. I would recomend this book to anyone who wants annoying characters, a sappy story, and to be bored all afternoon.

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