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Taking His Risk (2000)

Taking His Risk (2000)

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I read all three books in this series over the weekend and couldn't put them down. This is definately a fantasy (like most)... middle-class, unknown girl meets rich billionaire, hot, guy.... but then, a really cool story.Overall a this is a story about some self-discovery, mending of fences, and facing the unknown. The sex was hot and it didn't feel like you were reading the same events over an over. It was a very easy read, and I recommend the entire series highly. The second book picks up directly where the first left off. I personally love this because I know I didn't miss anything.Tristen is going to sweep Raina off her feet yet again. She is brought to new heights of ecstasy and her expectations are becoming more problematic for her.I again am so absorbed in the story and the way this one ends that I am going to purchase the third book as soon as I post this.Love these stories, I know you will too!

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I finished book one and I read book two because I couldn't help myself.

This book starts picking up a bit. Loving Tristan.

need to come back and write review

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