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Tall, Dark And Cowboy (2011)

Tall, Dark and Cowboy (2011)

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1402251440 (ISBN13: 9781402251443)
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About book Tall, Dark And Cowboy (2011)

Tall, Dark and Cowboy by Joanne KennedyMeh. Woosey male character and spoiled rich girl - somehow we're supposed to believe that after being rich all her life and marrying one of the richest men in the county immediately after turning 18 to make sure she stays rich, now she will be happy living with a poor cowboy rancher. He followed her like a puppy in high school and she barely noticed him because he was into 4-H farmer stuff and she was the perky head cheerleader. Will she really settle down and be happy or is she just running away to an old stand-by and just settling to feel safe? This is the second book I have read by Joanne Kennedy, and I think I'll be looking for more! I've been reading a lot of alpha-males and angsty love stories, and this one was a bit of a refreshing change. In a bit of a turnabout from your typical alpha male story, Chase is a gentle, caring and somewhat shy cowboy who has been in love with Lacey since high school. When she comes running to him for help after escaping from a terrible marriage, he is somewhat skeptical (she's broken his heart before, after all) but eventually agrees to help. I had some difficulty buying the plot of this one, but hey, this is fiction after all...I'm willing to set aside my disbelief for the sake of a sweet romance. And a sweet romance this one turned out to be - with some nice steam thrown in for flavour! I love to see the good guy win for a change.3.5 stars (rounded up because I'd love to find a Chase of my own!)

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wow this book was awesome and could not put it down. so cant wait to read more of her work.

Fast....not particularly well written allowing you to move forward really quickly.

I found this book, cute and funny and a good rainy day read.

Nice read. makes you want to go hunt yourself a cowboy.

Great read. HOT!!!!

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