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Tall, Dark And Fearless (2010)

Tall, Dark and Fearless (2010)

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0373775172 (ISBN13: 9780373775170)
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Frisco's Kid and Everday, Average Jones... both fabulous.Frisco's story is very tough. I like most that you get a glimpse of the pride, the heart and the soul of the man behind the Budweiser Badge. I love Mia's strength. She is perfect. Cowboy's story is touching in a completely different way. It's fun and makes you life in admiration to the dedication Cowboy has. The same dedication he takes with him when he goes wheels. Thanks to Brockmann for bringing to our attention the sacrifices made, the lives unknowingly lost and those forever changed. Frisco's Kid- This was a pretty solid, standard romance. I liked that Frisco wasn't as superhero-like as the rest of the SEAL characters are. Slightly more realistic. Everyday, Average Jones- The return of the sexy stalker hero! You know what? If you tell a man you don't want to marry him, and then he camps out on your lawn, you are within your rights to call the police. The shotgun-wedding theme was pretty annoying too. I checked the publication date- the book was written in 1998, not 1898.

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Love these goodhearted, warm and fuzzy all over stories by Brockmann. Cant wait for more!

Frisco's Kid : 4 starEveryday Average Jones : 4 star

friscocowboyRead this 2nd.

Alan (Frisco) and Mist

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