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Talson's Wait (2006)

Talson's Wait (2006)

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About book Talson's Wait (2006)

well I got what I came sex sex. this is a sci fi erotica and I got it for free so I didn't really know anything a about it. Turns out it was set in the future where a persons debt was put into a contract and that contract was bought so the person could work it off...they were indentured slaves. Jaime was actually working off the debt of her parents and Roark was her boss. Both were attracted to eachother but Jaime's no sex clause prevented Roark from pursuing her without breaching her contract. in the end she messed up giving him his opening to go after her...literally...since she ran off. Being half alien and half human Roark was unaccepted by both halves, but it apparently gave him the stamina of a bull! Phew. Once the fun started it went to the end. Short and sexy. I'm not sure why but this totally hit the mark for me. Well written with the right mix of possessive alpha male, feisty heroine and hot love scenes.I love stories with a paranormal hook and this has that. We're talking about a future where those in serious debt pay by becoming indentured servants. This could have easily become creepy and a story based on an abuse of power (after all as an indentured servant Jamie was basically a slave....and not because of her sexual preferences if you know what I mean) but it really doesn't. He treats her well and while he works her hard clearly feels proud at her success. This flows through all aspects of this story.For a free read, it doesn't get better for me.

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Nice and an enjoyable read. One of the middle of the range books that you enjoy and walk away from

Quick Read3 STARS out of 5Very SexyVery SmuttySuper SteamySuper Freak Read!!

Short but intense and hot, fascinating the world described by writer

3.5 stars. A nice short read. :)

I liked the book and the story.

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