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Tameka's Smile (2009)

Tameka's Smile (2009)

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I loved this one which surprised me because I couldn't figure out why Wynn created a novel with new characters when the existing ones storyline where as of yet unfinished. However it was good. Chad was just dreamy I also loved Bull and Rome. I have to admit like usual Tameka just was off balance and insecure she tried to cover it up with aggression but it's easy to see straight through it. One of my biggest complaints is that I didn't see any of the old player execpt for Alex, and Keisha and even then to be honest it was stale. The action was pretty good in this one. Though to be honest their was a big lack of romance on Tameka's side of the mating which bothered me. I hope there is another one I am really much more interested with what is going to happen with Rilley and some of the other old players but I still liked this one it was good. I really like this book. The beginning was surprising (and enjoyable), to say the least. I love the hero's personality. He manages to be a true Alpha male and sweet at the same time. I like Tameka's attitude and how even though she has reservations it didn't turn into gratuitous resistance as a means to keep the story going. Tameka's concerns were valid, she comes to turns with them, and lo and behold, there is still a story left once the hero and heroine work out their relationship issues.

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Great story. I'll have to go back and read the first three. Congrats, Ms. Wynn.

A good read! It started out HOT!!!! And got better! Definite recommend read.

OMG! The beginning of this book is so hot! The fav in the series!

Very sweet and funny book!...a great addition to the series! :)

I enjoyed this book this is the second time reading this series

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