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Taming The Storm (2000)

Taming the Storm (2000)

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If I say that I've been waitin for his story well not so much. But I was curious about his storyWell it becomes hella greatThe backstreet things :33 how they hide it from everyone but could also had quickie or sex here and there like three four or more times in a day. How lucky is she???!!! DammmnnEventhough the drama is not there and not that heavy just a lil bit things here and there and maybe the blowed up when she finally confessed but he rejected. That's a blow. Hell yeah. The leading of this story is kinda strong which intrigued me to read it more and more and moreAnd also the way this story flow just right. straight to the story and point and not even wasting explanation here and there. I want more actually hahhaha more of your story! 5 Stars!I just love this series! One of my favorite alpha rock star romances! I am sad that this is the last in the series but it was a great way to end it. I put off reading this book because I loved Jake and Tru's story and was afraid that Tom "the mut" Carter would ruin it for me. Oh how wrong I was...I was like white on rice...a kid on a candy store...a girl is a shoe store...I was all over this book! I loved Tom and Lyla's story...I.Could.Not.Stop.Reading! My sleep has seriously suffered this week. It sucked me in immediately, good plot, great banter, tied everything together, and had just enough angst to make your heart rate jump. If you are a TMS fan then you need to read this doesn't disappoint!

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4.5- wish there would have been an epilogue as this is the last book in the series.

September 2014

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4.5 stars

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