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Tan­gled Schemes (2011)

Tan­gled Schemes (2011)
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Jennifer Estep
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Tan­gled Schemes (2011)
Tan­gled Schemes (2011)

About book: Nice story free on the author's website told from Bria's POV. We learn the reasons why she's moved to Ashland and see the events in the book 'Venom' from her POV. We see that she has figured out the Spider is her older sister: Genevieve. But not that Gin is Genevieve, though she would like her to be. She also is accosted in an ally and ends up solving the case of girls disappearing and being found beaten, strung out on drugs and/or killed. Fave scene: the cherry pie. Bria's determined to find her sister, Genvieve, little does she know that she's already met her, as Gin and as the Spider. We get a peek into her mind as this tough little detective continues on her quest, as one now of Ashland's finest! She might be the only honest cop they have.A shout out to Jennifer Estep for posting these awesome free shorts on her website. We get a point of view from all the essential characters in the series and it keeps the story fresh in our minds until the next book comes out. Keeping my fingers crossed that Owen Grayson will have a short of his own. I want to know what goes on in that bad boy's mind! *swoon*
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Another free read on Estep's site, this one is about Bria, not my favorite character.
an interesting look on Bria's Tought about her sister being an assassin.
would have been nice if it were longer, and not so repetitive
Short Story
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