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Tapestry Of Fortunes (2013)

Tapestry of Fortunes (2013)

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0812993144 (ISBN13: 9780812993141)
Random House

About book Tapestry Of Fortunes (2013)

The central story line was nice enough, but the entire fortune telling thing as well as the presumptuous self-helpy/pseudo-psychology/I'm-saying-something-so-significant-about-the-meaning-of-life tone, present THROUGHOUT, was ridiculous. I liked the idea of these four older, intelligent women living together & supporting each other, but their instant friendship despite their differences was so manufactured. As soon as Cece moves in, they start spilling deep secrets to each other. As soon as she starts working at a hospice, the one stubborn young patient who wouldn't talk to anyone, talks to her, for no apparent reason. I did read & like a couple of Elizabeth Berg's prior books & writing style. Her writing style is still fine, but this was a significant step down in content. A gentle read, a gentle listen...I've read a few Berg books before, this one was a bit to pastoral for me - although I listened to the very end. Many bits were enjoyable and the narrator was good. A mature woman's life falls pretty much in place for her after the death of her best friends. She meets some interesting gal characters along the way and explores true love. Oh, and there's a road trip to set things right or in motion for the four ladies' lives.

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Very comforting and optimistic. I wish it had been longer and more in-depth.

Awesome. I did the audio. As with all of her books, I hated to see it end.

Light & easy .. Important story of female friendships told

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