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Tasting Never (2012)

Tasting Never (2012)

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Sarian Royal

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“Do you feel alone? Do you use sex as a way to connect with strangers? Have your desires motivated you to seek sex with people you wouldn’t normally choose? How about in places or situations you wouldn’t normally choose? So your sexual encounters leave you at risk for STDs, unwanted pregnancies, rape or violence? Have you ever had a sexual encounter that has left you feeling hopeless or alienated? Suicidal?”This is my first CM Stunich book--- and i love it ! It's dark but very beautiful,Never and Ty are characters that exist in real life, thinking they are broken beyond repair. They find comfort in things that are carnal, and that is the only security they depend on.I love it that they don't sleep together instantly (*okay something really happened but no spoilers here)But YOU MUST READ THIS Never and Ty are 2 peas in a pod, cut from the same cloth!They're broken, damaged. They run from life, hide from pain, they have walls surrounding their hearts so high and thick no one can penetrate them and they bury themselves in sex to avoid the truth, to avoid what they are running from.Never and Ty start of as friends, and even that is pushing both their limits. Any little thing can cause one or the other to run, or to lash out in anger to hide their fear, or ultimately to revert to their tried and proven way of sleeping with random strangers. All this provides plenty of angst ridden, turmoil filled reading but amidst all of this tension a beautiful relationship is slowly growing. LOVE TY! Gorgeous, inked, pierced bod, ex whore, and not the I've slept with alot of woman kind, but the I've slept with men and woman for money kind BUT he's so sweet, caring and he is trying HARD to get better.LOVE NEVER too! She has spunk, she's feisty, she's not afraid to KICK ASS and she gets Ty, she loves Ty. They really are beautiful!I love these type of books where two broken souls find one another and eventually healing, wholeness and LOVE. There are so many undealt with issues in both their lives though all I can think about are the many different ways things could turn to shit in their relationship, so I'm really friggin nervous about the next 2 books! It has to work out for the both of them! I LOVED this book!Oh and side note: I'm sure Noah is a nice guy, probably adorable and more but he is gonna need to back the fuck off! Seriously!!!

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Bit of a slow start but I was loving it by the end

wow, was that fucking intense!

sooo beautiful

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