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Tatsächlich Liebe In Notting Hill (2010)

Tatsächlich Liebe in Notting Hill (2010)

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About book Tatsächlich Liebe In Notting Hill (2010)

I know this book has had a few bad reviews, and I did put off reading it because of some of them. But personally, I really enjoyed it. I do like Rom-Com films, and I do like chick-lit books. However I like to mix up all the different genres I am reading, so that I never read two similar books in a row (e.g. George R R Martin followed by Jenny Colgan followed by Nick Hornby!)So no, this wasn't THE MOST AMAZING CHICK LIT BOOK I HAVE EVER READ but I did really enjoy it. Scarlett, the main character is a girl completely obsessed with rom-com films, and manages to see things happening in day-to-day life and compare them to movies. However her fiancée, her dad, and even her best friend think that she is starting to obsess about it too much and think it would be best if she went away for a few days to house sit in (of all places) Nottinghill (disaster waiting to happen or what?) and so she does. When she is there, she meets more exciting people than she knows at home, and begins to do some serious thinking about her life. She starts the search for her estranged mother, and also meets love interest Sean, which makes her start to question her impending marriage. The book contains loads of film references, which is nice and fun to read. It was a light-hearted, funny, chick-lit book. I think that, so long as you don't expect any more from it than that, then it's great. I know I will be buying the next one in the series next time I need a light chick-lit book! Well, scrolling through the reviews, many people did not care for this book. Clearly, I was not one of them. If you love a. romantic comedy movies b. very cute books, then this is the one for you.Scarlett (named for Scarlett O'Hara) absolutely loves movies. She wishes her life was more like the movies and even works in the movie business (selling popcorn machines). Scarlett's fiance and father think that she needs to come back and live in the real world, but Scarlett disagrees.When her best friend Maddie finds a chance for Scarlett to housesit in Notting Hill (only one of Scarlett's favorite movies), she jumps at the chance. Now's the time to prove to everyone that life CAN be like the movies.The expected misadventures occur, and parts are awfully cute, but it was just what I wanted to read. Light, fluffy, and funny. I am also familiar with so many of the movies mentioned, so I could totally relate to Scarlett. If you want a whimsical read about one woman's love of romantic comedies, this is the one for you!

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fun summer read but I wished Scarlet had turned into a stronger, self-knowledgeable woman!

Honestly I didn't finish it. Too much....girly....I guess.

Silly but overall a cute read.

Kind of fun

Loved it!

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