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Tödliches Bündnis (2014)

Tödliches Bündnis (2014)
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3802583442 (ISBN13: 9783802583445)
Egmont Lyx
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Tödliches Bündnis (2014)
Tödliches Bündnis (2014)

About book: Yayyyyyyy, finally the book I was waiting for! I really enjoyed this book, think it may actually be my new favourite in this series! Had more Curran and Kate action in it ... authors made me feel for the characters and I hated Loreilei on Kates behalf. Cant believe some of the things Curran did, he had 'his' reasons but im still a bit disapointed in him, he should have thought of an alternative and im strongly on Kates side.I really like the character development of Hugh, and Desandra made me laugh out loud a few times with her lines, shes a great addition to the team. All in all a great read, hopefully the next book will be just as good! VERY DISAPPOINTINGLet me preface this by saying up until this book I have raved to all and sundry about the Kate Daniel series by the Ilona Andrews team. Unfortunately I cannot rave about this much awaited instalment in the series. The plot premise is okay. But the execution was lack lustre and I felt like it was just a string of scenes slapped together, many of them out of character, and often just an excuse for meaningless violence. One minute Kate is portrayed as a killer, the next as a moral human, another time magically super powerful and then the next not. By the end of the book I was wanting her to run off with Hugh, embrace her heritage and figure out just exactly what she was. There were a lot of threads that just were unnecessary and tedious. Too many quick tie offs and conveniences, and seriously, what was the point of having Siaman there. He was so out of character in this. As was Hugh, for that matter. And Kate. And almost everyone else. Hopefully the next one is written with a little more thought and planning and internal consistency.
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One of my favorites in the series.
loved every minute
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