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Tech World (2000)

Tech World (2000)
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Tech World (2000)
Tech World (2000)

About book: Action packed with McGill still causing trouble. - A Ant Audiobook review.This was a can't put down epic continuation on this story. The characters are well done. Story outstanding. A unique scifi setting. No typical romantic love with a not so expected final outcome. Its just keeps going and going into craziness and I found myself not wanting it to end. The story just kept evolving. So many twists. So many things, I didn't expect. How it just got more insane, more crazy, more on the edge of everything going to crap. Only for McGill to push it even further with is crazy thoughts or just running his mouth. As the listener, I started feeling as if he should stop or just shut up to avoid further madness. Ha. Now the narration was done by Mark Boyett and he is pure gold. His narration is always amazing. Voices are well done and near perfect tones that you can feel as hes telling the story. If I see his name on anything, I immediately check it out. As I listened to this epic tale, I found myself having those, "I can't believe he just said that". Even feeling in shock or just paranoid of what might happen next. Many outbursts of laughs due McGills crazy actions. Which happened quite a bit. So if you like scfi, guns, aliens, a great story, military combat, all with a not typical main character. This story is for you. Run and get it now. Absolutely fantastic. I can't believe I am saying this but I now feel this series is overtaking the Starforce series as B V Larson's greatest. The personalities are just fantastic, the exchange with deadpan Centurion Graves at the conclusion is marvellous :) The author creates great dialogue, exciting action, many plots and the way the main character constantly escapes getting "permed" makes this series a lot of fun. Hurry up and write the next one!!
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more of the same from prior books in the series. Fast paced, interesting and fun. A nice light read.
Not quite as good as the first two.
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