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Tempest Rising (2011)

Tempest Rising (2011)

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I read mostly all fantasy books, so I have "happened" across quite a few mermaid books. I really wasn't expecting too much from this book, just picked it on a whim from the library. I ended up actually really liking it. Of course like EVERY teen book, there has to be a love triangle. I am able to look past that because of the whole mermaid thing. Ha. I did like the fact that this was a little different from the typical story of "mer"people. These people are a little more fierce/tough than the average 'finned' characters. I feel like the descriptions of the scenes underwater are great as well. I'm curious to see how things pay out for Tempest in the next book. I was annoyed for most of this book, but I also found it mildly interesting (enough that I didn't want to mark it Did Not Finish or DNF), so that's why it earned 2 stars instead of 1. Tempest relied on everyone to support her or choose for her, making her weak in my eyes. She despised her mother with a blind hatred, never wanting to hear her side of things, and yet she does nearly the same thing her mother does, which made little sense to me for the abrupt turn around. I also hated the book being split into parts. There seemed to be little purpose to it, other than to jar the reader out of the story, since the story picked up immediately where it left off. All in all, it was an interesting read, but I'm not compelled to finish the series, recommend them to my 12 year old daughter, or own the book.

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I really loves this book! It has is magical and can be dark at some points!

I read this book in a day... I say it was a really good book.

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