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Temptation Ridge (2009)

Temptation Ridge (2009)

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This was great! My faith in Virgin River is restored once again. Luke is gorgeous and Shelby has the right amount of pluck and vulnerability to endear her to the reader - and to Luke of course. I loved almost everything about this book, especially the family relationships between Luke and his rowdy brothers and their loving Mother and between Shelby and the Colonel. Have I said before how I would love to find my own Virgin River? All kudos to Robyn Carr for creating a world that readers want to return to again and again and where they feel so at home. Shelby meets Luke and decides he is the man for her to date until she goes off on her adventures before she goes to college. She is 25 and did not get to have college because she was taking care of her dying mother for five years. She staying at her Uncle Walt's place in Virgin River.Vanni's friend Nikki is getting married. Another friend of theirs, Abby, slips away from the reception and meets a man in the bar. Cameron convinces her to spend the night with him. She does and it's wonderful but she says she can't see him anymore because of her divorce. She gets a surprise and sees Cameron in Virgin River where he moves. Lots of good stuff happen in this sixth book of the Virgin River series.I loved this one. So much happened - had to read the next one - Paradise Valley - right away!!

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It was a really good read and I enjoyed it. Good compelling story and interesting chacteries.

C'est toujours un plaisir de retrouver Virgin River, ses anciens et nouveaux habitants...
—pot hed

I liked this book but too many other people's stories added in

Miniseries: A Virgin River Novel

Gave up, didn't like it!

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