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Tempted By Midnight (1001 Dark Nights, #10) (2014)

Tempted by Midnight (1001 Dark Nights, #10) (2014)

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About book Tempted By Midnight (1001 Dark Nights, #10) (2014)

As always another amazing book from Lara Adrian. The only thing wrong with it was I wanted more. I mean Lazaro is a fantastic character. The scenes with his family in the previous books, it hurt. There was so much pain in his past I don't know if I could have survived it. However, they're not breed for nothing. And Lazaro is certainly not an exception. I wanted more interaction with him, but I could be a bit greedy. ;) I am pretty sure though it could be 1,000 pages and that still wouldn't be enough. Even though it was a novella, it didn't feel rushed. There were so many twist and then there were the new breeds you got you to meet. I hope we learn more about them at a later date. Then there is Melena, she is pretty kick ass. She knows what she wants and isn't going to let the stubbornness of men deter her. I hope we see her carry over into other carry over into further Midnight Breed novels. I highly recommend this. Please note set aside time to read this all at once. As soon as you get started you won't want to put it down. OH WOW!!I absolutely loved this short, Lazaro's story is just what I needed to read about, I loved this guy, still do and it's about time he found some happiness!Lara has not lost her ability to move me, I honestly thought the series was about to die a death for me but the last book and this short just proves that we can all hiccup at times but then it's right back on track....Gotta love The Breed!!!

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hot but short and packed with drama. typical greatness we expect from Lara.

This story was very good, very intense but way to short.

Geezzz... October!!! Long way off!!!

Nice but too short

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