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Tempting Sin (2010)

Tempting Sin (2010)
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Tempting Sin (2010)
Tempting Sin (2010)

About book: Reviewed by Patti, Book provided by Total-E-Bound Publishing, and Review originally posted at Romancing the Book.Sinclair (Sin) Alverston has become bored with life as he knows it. He wants to find that special someone to come home to but he hasn’t found anyone who gives him the feeling he needs before he will let down his guard enough to even consider staying overnight. From the beginning I liked Sin’s strong character and his need to keep people safe. He had his flaws like everyone but I was immediately drawn to him. Callum Turner struck me right away as a sweet man with a spirit of fire. He possessed a great sense of self and a fantastic sense of humor. Callum is so willing to look for the good in people and Sin is always so willing to look for danger it can be a perfect match or way too many episodes of opposites clashing.I really liked the way they meet and how they interact from the first moment on. It sets the tone of the whole relationship and stays relatively true throughout. I enjoyed the storyline very much even though it seemed a bit predictable at times. There needs to be something to write the story around and this fits the characters, it also sets up the series and introduces people for books to come. They have this instant sexual attraction that can’t be ignored but it quickly becomes more than that. Sin’s protective alpha instinct kicks in and he has gone from lone wolf to guard dog in a heartbeat. Callum isn’t happy about all of the alpha behavior but some of the perks are not so bad.Throughout the story there is a constant give and take with them as they struggle to figure out how they will find a place in each other’s life. I particularly enjoyed that Callum was a chef and they use his career to interact with many of the secondary characters throughout the story to build strong relationships. Sin’s personality is more abrasive and therefore is more difficult to cozy up to but once a friendship is formed it is strong. This feeds his characters ability to have a great base of friends he can trust.This is the first book in the Mercenary Love series and the first story from Amber Kell that I have read but I am already planning on getting the rest of the series. The others titles are Testing Arthur and Teasing Jonathan. If the other titles are as hot as this one, I will be a very happy reader. This is going in my re-read pile. Tempting Sin is going on my recommended reading list for my fellow readers. What is it with all these romance books that as soon as a couple meet, the very next day they would die for each other. I'm sorry but things like that just don't happen! And I understand this is a fictional world not reality blah blah blah, but the key to a great novel is the audience's ability to suspend reality and immerse themselves in the reality of the novel. This so rarely happens with me in romance. Despite this, the story line was a great idea but the characters especially the main ones needed more development. Give them more time to realize their feelings for each other. If there's one thing I hate in fiction its instataneous love. And its not because I lack it in real life its because it just happens way too soon. 5/10
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I read this book with a smile on my face. On the Improvement of humor.
Sweet read, no angst. Loved the older brothers.
Very cute, really enjoyed this book.
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