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Ten Thousand Saints. Eleanor Henderson (2013)

Ten Thousand Saints. Eleanor Henderson (2013)

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About book Ten Thousand Saints. Eleanor Henderson (2013)

I enjoyed this book start to finish. Enjoyed in the way it made me consider the characters, their relationships, and the setting. I really loved the New York parts because I lived in NYC in the late 80s and had a fascination with the lower East side and Alphabet City. I still think about my visits there so much. So it was really interesting to read a book set in that very time and place. I really warmed up to Jude as the story went on, and found something to like in every character -- not necessarily something to love, but definitely I found them all compelling and with redeeming qualities. Really found the last several chapters to form a satisfying ending. Note that this review will contain a few, while not too heavy, spoilers.I had initially picked up the novel upon hearing that it would be made into a film. Of course, on impulse, I bought it without thoroughly reading the summary (it's a bad habit of mine: "It's a movie? Well it's gotta be awesome!" I've lost a lot of money that way) And, while I couldn't say this was a life changing book, it's stayed with me for quite some time now. In all honesty, I don't think this review'll be useful because I really liked the book for some reason. I don't know why. If you asked me to rate it, on impulse I'd say four. But after thinking, three is better.One thing I find interesting is the time that this book took place in. In the 80s, and I haven't read too many books of that time period. Also because of the theme, maybe. Majority of the time I avoid books in the music scene because about half of it is about how music flows through me etc etc. But this one stressed more on their lives, which I liked. Another point: the scene. The Straight-Edge scene. It's a subculture of a subculture and that, I think for lots of people, is an interesting perspective to read from. I doubt there are many other books written about that. From what else I have read so far, the punk rock scene was portrayed as wild and rabid and drug addled and etc, but this isn't. But the sequence of events were just....what? As a reader, I think it's a given that we should have at least a taste of what's going to happen, but for most part I was running blindly. A lot of little pieces of it ended up useless. Like for example, the revelation of Jude's FAS and all the stressing on his potentially alcoholic biological mother was just confusing. I was actually expecting for every sub-plot to end, but a lot of it was left hanging (the epilogue too). I also thought that Teddy's death was a tad slight unneeded. Characters:Well....I don't actually find them that interesting. Nothing particularly special. Their relationship? Yeah. It's a messed up family. I especially liked Johnny further into the story. When I eventually found out he was gay, gradually and gradually and gradually, despite its very smooth flow i was just all, "Oh. Oh. Wait...oh. Woah then."Jude and Eliza were....average. Not the things each of them went through but each character individually.So....overall, this is a book that whether you like it or not, will really depend on YOU and your taste.I recommend you try?

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Very well written. Strong characters. Decent plot

Loved this book, so many great characters.

Wonderful but very sad.

I'd give it 2.5 stars.


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