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Ten Tiny Breaths (2012)

Ten Tiny Breaths (2012)
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Ten Tiny Breaths (2012)
Ten Tiny Breaths (2012)

About book: This book is an all-in-one story of anger, forgiveness and love.. not necesseraly in this order.I like the complexity of the plot, and the depth of the characters, even if they seems sometimes completly illogical/fake for some. I can understand why someone can think that. For myself, i think that some traumatic experiences can leave a person with so much conflict and grief inside that the characters described in this book seems real for me.I oscillated between 3 and 5 stars when rating this book. 5 stars because the emotions are present, and the reader can understand the tormented personnality of Kacey. 3 stars because at the end of the book (that is really to fast compared to the first 3 quaters of it), there is a feeling of open issues all over the place.This book offer a complex situation with a way too simple resolution in my opinion. It's a fine read, but can be frustrating at the end for some. It was for me. I thought this was a YA book and bought it for our middle school library - I'm glad I read it first as it's a little too much on the sex than I'd be comfortable with an 8th grader under my care reading. That said, if you want a brain break, read this series! Perfect escape if you want to just devour a book in an afternoon and enjoy the pure nothingness of it. I'm down for the whole series - already three deep.
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love the book the ending I was not expecting it all in all it was a pretty good book.
great book made me cry
WoW! Bello!!
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