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Ten Year Crush (2014)

Ten Year Crush (2014)

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KARIN'S REVIEW - 4 StarsHOT, HOT, HOT. Ten Year Crush shows us that love can conquer, even if the love of a lifetime can be a bit dense. Gabby and Cam have been friends for years, but what if one has feelings for the other when he just doesn’t get it? What if she gives up and moves on, yet still dreams of him? What if he realizes he has screwed up? What if? Ten Year Crush shows what can happen. It is angst ridden at times, but honestly, when is life not? There is a sweetness that makes a girl long for it, and the sexy times are HOT. The chemistry between Gabby, her brother, her best friend, and Cam that is so strong. The bond is obviously strong. Let’s see if there is another book about Josh and Tiff. :)TRACY'S REVIEW - 3.5 StarsThe title pretty much tells you what the story is going to be about.Gabby has been in love with her brothers best friend Cam for 10 years. Cam has been denying his feelings for Gabby for years. One drunken night all these feelings they have for each other finally comes to a head and blows up. Cam acknowledges his love for her but act on those feelings because he doesn’t want to lose the friendship he has with her or her brother. Gabby is pissed and tells him that if he wont be with her then he needs to stay out of her love life.Gabby apparently has her blinders on and starts dating. Cam of course gets in the way.There really isn’t much to say about this book. It delivered what I expected and added in a twist. The reason why I rated low stars is because I felt like the story went to fast. I blinked and was done reading the plot twist, when there was so much more she could have done with that story line.I didn’t like it but I didn’t hate it. HEATHER'S REVIEW - 4 StarsTen Year Crush is the story about Cam and Gabby, two longtime friends that have pining over each other for ten years without the other knowing. Sounds pretty simple, right? Wrong! Cam also happens to be Gabby older brother, Josh’s best friend which automatically makes her off limits to Cam. In the beginning, it seems as if Cam is the typical womanizing man we see in a lot of books these days screwing everything in sight but that is so not the case. Cam is a very likeable character and a really nice guy aside from his man whore ways. He really cares for Gabby and Josh to the point that he doesn’t want to act on his feelings because he could not bear even the thought of not having Josh or Gabby in his life. On Gabby’s 21st birthday things change. After a few drunken confessions everything is on the table and that is where it stays. That same night, Gabby meets surfer boy college student Brandon and decides he is just what she needs to get over Cam. First off, I have to say I am normally not a fan of the love triangle; however, I really enjoyed this one. The dynamic between characters and the character development were incredible. The angst, the pain, the back and forth thoughts in the characters’ heads were written really well. I felt like I was right there with Gabby and her struggles. Cam just had me swooning throughout the entire book and had me wanted to hug him half the time. The character development was great. You could really see how all the characters grew together and genuinely cared for each other. I was very impressed with the secondary characters as well. Tiffany, Gabby’s lifelong bestie was so loveable and likeable. The banter between her and Josh cracked me up. Josh was the papa bear big brother type and I really loved not only the relationship he had with Gabby but his friendships with Cam and Tiffany were very refreshing. The sex in this book is very hot! Some of the best love and sex scenes I have read in a while. There is some suspense and some great comedic moments which balance out the sex really well. The only issue I had with this book was that it is predictable. There wasn’t a wow factor or moment for me. Overall I thought it was a cute, hot read definitely a good beach read and if there is a sequel, I will be reading it. Follow your heart and take a chance because you will only regret it. Gabby has been in love with Cam for ten years. Cam has been in love with Gabby for the last five years (approx). Neither have done anything about it and their heart breaks a little each time the other sees someone else. When Gabby takes a chance Cam pushes her away, not wanting to ruin their friendship. This one act sends them both down a spiraling path of misery and heartache. Gabby's insecurity and heartache sends into the arms of another man as she tries to replace Cam in her mind and heart, but Brandon is not exactly what he seems as his public mask starts to slip to reveal the true man underneath. While Cam tries to drink and sleep his way out of his heartache. Cam is incredibly sweet and romantic with Gabby, showing his softer side. He is completely dedicated to her and her happiness. Gabby's shyness is endearing and her blushes bring out a giggle. Together they make an amazing couple but the twists and turns of their relationship made me want to see them together even more. If ever a couple were meant to be together its these two. This is an awesome debut and it was a read that drew me and got me caught up in the lives of the characters. Gabby and Cam's story is both heartwarming and heartbreaking at times.

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