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Tengu (1996)

Tengu (1996)

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About book Tengu (1996)

I had a lot of mind changes while reading Tengu. For the first quarter or so, I didn’t think I liked it because I didn’t understand what was going on at all. The second third of the book picked up though and I couldn’t put it down. The last third, however, made me wish it would end mainly because it seemed very drawn out and I thought I could predict the ending, something that I rarely even attempt to do with a Masterton novel. The ending though (and I’m talking about the very last page alone) made this a four star book. It would be a four and a half star read but, as always, we can’t do that. The book also includes a fictional but very fascinating reason for the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan at the end of World War II and one intelligent but badly radiated victims plot for revenge on America.That being said, I had a couple of problems with the book. I already mentioned that it seemed drawn out in a lot of ways but that is something that a lot of novels are made up of and, although it irritates me at times, I really can’t complain about it much. I can complain about the sex scenes though. I do not understand why authors of horror seem to think that the majority of their readers are teenaged virgins who love to read about every detail of love making. Once you have done it, it isn’t that interesting to read about if it serves no purpose. It can be mentioned obviously, but it doesn’t need to take up several pages at a time and occur quite a few times in a 370 page novel. It’s like reading about someone eating a sandwitch. Maybe it has cheese, maybe it has turkey, but I don’t really care. I enjoy eating sandwitches but I find it boring to hear about someone eating a sandwitch unless it is a new and interesting kind of sandwitch. Rape, on the other hand, is often a part of horror and isn’t as annoying to me. I just don’t like reading about sex over and over in nearly every horror novel I pick up. I don’t find it entertaining at all and I don’t care how many times the characters do it, I don’t care if lightning shoots through each of their bodies in a magical climax, I don’t care if the characters come so hard that their urethras whistle eighties power ballads. It isn’t interesting. The mysteries have been solved long ago and there are only so many ways you can describe sex whether it is between two lovers or two drunken people having a one night stand.I must say though, this book has a character with her pubic hair trimmed in the shape of a heart. Now that, friends and neighbors, is a tasty sandwitch indeed.

My ratings system is as follows. One star is GOOD. The book is entertaining, easy to read and you don't want to stop reading because something about the book is compelling you not to. Two stars is GREAT! This time the story is not only entertaining, but highly creative, unique, easy to read and hard to put down. Three stars is EXCELLENT. Here the book has all aspects of one and two stars, but now the book is thought and emotionally provoking. Four is AWESOME. This is the read that is not only creative, original and emotionally and utterly captivating, but you are overwhelmed at how talented and skilled the author is in telling you their story. Literary brilliance. Five is PHENOMENAL. This is the book that has all the components of the previous four ratings but leaves that lasting impression. It's the book that changes dramatically your point of view and your interpretation of experiences you or others around you endure.

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