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Terminal Freeze (2009)

Terminal Freeze (2009)

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0385515510 (ISBN13: 9780385515511)
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The book is a little long; but not overly so. There's an interesting mix of science and thriller. Everything moves along well until the last few pages. Jeremy Logan has a tiny part in this book; and his "theory" at the end of the book ruins the whole story for me. I think Child was aiming for some sort of Pendergast-y element. It would have worked if there had been more discussion about Logan's theory. One of the reasons I like reading the solo projects of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child is so when I read their team efforts, I try to guess which part is Preston and which part is Child. This book will help you do that a bit.It reads quickly and all. I wish the characters were a little more vivid. Many of them are just kinda there, clearly meant to just fill space or to eventually get theirs. And that was one problem, I didn't like the likable characters enough to care if they lived or hate the hate-able characters enough to care if they died.Still, wacky high science adventure at the top of the world. If you're fans of these guys, read this. It's a great book to read when you're between books to read. I hope that makes sense.

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I'm usually not into sci-fi sort of stuff but this was pretty good!

Second book I have read by this author. The story was good.

could NOT stop reading this book

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