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That's Another Story: The Autobiography (2008)

That's Another Story: The Autobiography (2008)

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029785206X (ISBN13: 9780297852063)
Orion Publishing

About book That's Another Story: The Autobiography (2008)

This book was such a hoot! My husband bought it to give it to his mum and I opened it to read about Billy Elliot which had only been on telly the night before. I didn't find Billy Elliot immediately, but started reading in the middle of the book instead, I couldn't put it down! I finished it and started from the beginning. What a hard life she had as a child, especially in the horrible convent school, you couldn't make it up. But it makes a great read! LOVED this book. So well written and SOUNDS like Julie. Written as it would be said. I was very interested to find out the 'larger' journey of her career. I expected to LIKE this book..but as I said I LOVED it and would defo reccomend to anyone who has heard of her or likes an autobiography.I learnt that even those who seem to have glided into thier success have years f scratching and clawing their way up. 'True class' means they don't cry about this, nor do they show signs of wear when they arrive. Wonderful.

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I didn't mind this book. I won't say it was the most gripping books I've ever read but an easy read.

One of our most clever actresses - but what a harrowing story, her childhood!

Nice light entertaining read, why are/were all good actresses nurses?

great book so funny in places

A bit of a romp.

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