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The 5 Greatest Warriors (2009)

The 5 Greatest Warriors (2009)

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1416577572 (ISBN13: 9781416577577)
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About book The 5 Greatest Warriors (2009)

I really enjoy this series. Somehow the sheer impossibility of it all adds to its appeal. The part about Jesus makes me angry, but then it is fictional, and he is at least recognised as the most influential person in history. This is the second time I've read the book, the first being four years ago, and even though I knew the ending it stood up to a second read. I'm hoping the series continues soon. I will give full credit to Reilly that he knows his target audience and tries to write for them. I have no doubt that all the weapons cited were correct. I also acknowledge that some of my complaints about the book come from having degrees in Classics, Archaeology and Theology, which most people don't have and don't really care about historical accuracy. Similarly, his target audience is not interested in his technical excellence with the English language (you should not have to italicize action to demonstrate it is important, your writing should do that for you). So I will just mention those deficits and now leave them aside.My biggest problem with this book and its prequel 'The Six Sacred Stones' was that they weren't consistent or thought through enough for the genre. Technology or elements would be introduced, only to be forgotten in the next exciting episode. How on earth could everyone think that in a fist fight between the two brothers, the one with a titanium arm would not have the advantage? The main character was so afraid of getting the double punch from his brother, but didn't even consider that one punch from his metal arm could smash the guy's face in. Or in the beginning, it says he dislocates his shoulder, and then it is never mentioned again (he straight away goes and climbs up a cliff face). The amazing 'warbler' technology that stops bullets hitting them, why don't they always use that? (even if it does disrupt communication? They could put it on the little girl at least as she doesn't need coms.)Does he even know what happens when a tidal wave of sea water hits a room full of molten lava? 'Nothing' is not the correct answer. Why were there tidal waves protecting the third vertex but not in the seabound fourth vertex?In the third vertex, how was Jack able to catch up the distance when in the previous time challenge he had to run flat out from the beginning to make the time? And how did he navigate the other towers in this vertex without someone guiding him, as they had been for the others before they got shot?Also not sure why the bad guys did not immediately try to find out the secrets of the pillars once they had been revealed. Having said all that, I obviously read through both books, so it wasn't like I got bored. But it is still irritating me that Reilly didn't write them better. There are many other action/adventure stories out there that would be a better use of time without leaving you irritated for days.

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Exlent might make another One I am hopeful and Some more romance though smallish still good

My favourite author. I can't wait for the other 4 books in this series.

A ripping good read. Classic action. Easy to consume

Pretty good book. Very enjoyable

Great story!!

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