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The Accidental Wife (2008)

The Accidental Wife (2008)

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I usually like Rowan Coleman's books for quick, fluffy chick lit, but this one kind of slogged for me. It was almost exactly halfway through the book before any of the characters realized they were living in the same town again and spoke to each other. It felt simultaneously like it had taken forever to get started and like there wasn't much story left to tell. Also, I felt the reconciliation of all of the relationships was a little too easy and rather unrealistic. I hated half of the characters, even when I supposed to love them. And now I think I'm taking back a star. This was just an okay book. I couldn't put it down because I cannot not finish and book and I just wanted the story to be over already. It was kind of slow and drawn out. The characters were hardly likable. The main character, Alison, was extremely immature, almost unimaginable or realistically immature. The other main character, Cathy, was so flat and boring it was frustrating. It's a bit predictable, but overall it's an alright read. I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone unless you've got nothing else available.

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Perfect book for vacation - easy to pick up and put down, a good girly story about feelings, etc.

Story was good although found was too long and seemed to drag on but I enjoyed it

Was a little predictable..........wasn't so impressed.

Read in two days. Great book about friendship.

i really enjoyed this book.

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