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The Accounting (2013)

The Accounting (2013)
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Thomas & Mercer
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The Accounting (2013)
The Accounting (2013)

About book: Perhaps a common dream is to find a lot of money. “Dirty” drug money at that. What if you took the cash and years later the bad guys came after you? What would you do?This is my first book by William Lashner. (I chose it because it was cheap.) It’s not great writing – I just finished a Hemmingway book – but OK. I would have liked more info on how the narrator did certain things e.g. name changes, school records, ID's, etc. And, for a while, I hated the guy for dumping his family!All-in-all, it was a fun, easy read and would probably make a good movie. This was a different plot that required you to pay attention to the background and the characters. It plot was methodically unfolded without the normal huge holes of plausibility that had to be overcome. The devious plot to steal the money when young has a lot of unintended consequences not only on the characters and their mental attitudes with life. Getting rich fast can be extraordinarily destructive for everyone (see lottery winners). This was the first time I read this author (through Kindle prime) and found him an interesting writer that we be added for future books.
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First book I have read by this author. Good enough to look for more
Interesting story - good characters.
Loved it
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