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The Alchemyst (2010)

The Alchemyst (2010)
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0552562521 (ISBN13: 9780552562522)
Corgi Childrens
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The Alchemyst (2010)
The Alchemyst (2010)

About book: Meh. Just another generic, "people who don't know magic exists are thrown into a magical world and must become the heros". It's sad how many of these books I've read that aren't really unique at all. There wasn't much to the plot, everything I could predict from a mile ahead, and it wasn't very interesting. It didn't keep me hooked or anything like that. Plus, the writing was so cheesy. It was a lot of telling and not showing, which really bothers me, and the relationship between the twins was so unrealistic. Siblings just aren't that happy with each other. I had heard about this series and was intrigued at the idea of a story centered around Nicholas Flamel. I was sadly disappointed. I really wanted to fall in love with this series. The plot in concept has the potential to be great. I always thought Nicholas Flamel should have his own fiction that explores that folklore surrounding the Philosophers Stone. However, I find old Perry and Nick to be quite dull and cliche. After 7 centuries they ought to have developed more of a personality. The twin teens are unbelievable and severely lacking intellect. Alas, the overall plot fails to deliver the magic and seductive mysteries I was hoping for. This author's writing style lacks the finesse to capture imagination or flesh out realistic characters.At Chapter 6 I find myself not caring about what happens and am seriously considering abandoning this book which would be a first for me! If I decide to finish I'll update this review.____update: hang on until ChApter 10! that's when it gets better & opens up to a thrilling world full of possibilities galore
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Love this story! So fast and suspenseful! I enjoyed all the characters too!
This book kinda sucked so I stopped after the first 100 pages
The other books are better, nice intro to the thing
A fun read
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