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The Alpha's Choice (2000)

The Alpha's Choice (2000)

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About book The Alpha's Choice (2000)

Yet another awesome book from what is definitely one of my favourite authors. She writes kick ass heroines and alpha males oh so well. Although the book can be read as a stand alone why would you want to? We saw a glimpse of Charles in the first book although we actually see a whole different side of him. Charles is in no way the typical rough and ready alpha, and certainly has a lot of traits that you wouldn't typically expect to find in an Alpha wolf. He also meets in match in the feisty Kat. Once again there is an awesome cast of supporting characters who totally help make the book what it is, completely brilliant. This another book I think everyone should read purely cause I adored it and really think everyone else should too. Certainly worth a look cause once you've started you won't want to stop :) My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!!!The cover is awesome, and I love the green eyes! As always there is something about eyes that speak to me and attract me to a book :)I bought this a while ago and recently added the two I was missing from the series. I loved this book as much as book 1. I couldn’t put it down. I love when a book pulls you in, and you can see everything and imagine being there. Jackie is so descriptive in her writing, and it is easy to connect with all the characters.Kat is an awesome woman. She doesn’t take crap and believes in herself and those around her. This is as always important in a heroine for me. Charles is an unsure alpha, and he is a conceited jerk in the beginning. He grows and becomes a confident and better man becoming the Alpha everyone needs him to be. I love both of these characters, the cubs, and the most of the pack :) There is plenty of action and drama to keep you interested. I can’t wait to read more about this pack :)I’m never good at these reviews, but I know what I love reading. And this is it!!! I highly recommend this series to my werewolf lovin’ shifter friends :) Onto book 3 for me :)

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Creative characters, great suspense, and hot romance. I will want to read more of this author.

Loved it, the characters were brilliant i loved the children x

Im doing this all backwards, but a good easy read :-)

Liked it. A good continuation of the series.

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