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The Ambition (2011)

The Ambition (2011)

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0310324246 (ISBN13: 9780310324249)

About book The Ambition (2011)

This was an excellent first fiction book from Lee Strobel. I had read his book "The Case For Christ" a few years back & knew that he could write non-fiction well but it didn't prepare me for how great of a fiction writer he is. This book was very well written with an awesome cast of characters & story line. I hope that Lee continues the story with the characters since the way that the book ended made it feel as though it would lead to another story. There's nothing like a good mafia/mob story! I enjoyed both the storyline and the characters. The book was an easy read and I actually found myself wishing the book had more details. I would have enjoyed a few hundred more pages. The storyline went back and forth between characters quickly which made it a little hard to get the characters straight in my head at the beginning. As the book came to a close, the story moved much faster and I would have liked more depth. There were some characters and situations that the author left unresolved. That makes me think possibly this could be a series. The author, known for his nonfiction books defending Christianity, incorporated apologetic bits as well as information that obviously came from his past law experience. I definitely hope Lee writes more fiction and would most definitely read any future fiction books he writes.

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Read like a John Grisham novel. Not quite as suspenseful, but still very good.

This was a fun, quick read -- perfect beach or rainy weekend book. :)

I liked this. Good legal, deception, page turner.

Has journalists' cynicism down pat.

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