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The Art Of Catching A Greek Billionaire (2013)

The Art of Catching a Greek Billionaire (2013)
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The Art Of Catching A Greek Billionai...
The Art Of Catching A Greek Billionaire (2013)

About book: TEE-heeheehee!I can't stop laughing while reading The Art of Catching a Greek Billionaire. And I cracked up so hard seeing Auntie Norah and Auntie Vilma's names in there. I saw what you did there! Hahaha!Marian Tee is CR-A-ZY!TAOCAGB was such a fun and refreshing read. I got it from Amazon for free (at the time of posting) and I was so glad I took the chance. I knew MT for quite some time now--been reading snippets on her FB page--but I haven't read her books yet that time(purita problems). But when I did, it was one of the best reads I've had! I am a sucker for funny reads.I could very well identify with Mairi "Ms. Yay" Tanner. SHE IS ME!Mairi was a crazy optimist. She saw almost everything with happy eyes. And she was in love with the thought of loving a Greek billionaire. She followed her dreams, despite everything, to find THE ONE GREEK BILLIONAIRE FOR HER. And when she did find him, she wasted no time going for the jugular! She was one big, crazy woman and I loved her. She's a big personification of every girl who grew up with romance books filled with, well, crazy alphas like Damen.And Damen... oh, Damen Leventis. He's an equally crazy guy. All macho and thinking he owns the world (and maybe he does).One prob, though. I was quite shocked because Mairi, by the power of not wasting time, kind of... I can't. I've spoiled enough. But that was just me. Also, I was thrown off on the first few chaps where POVs kept on shifting but I got used to it later on.All in all, I loved every bit of it! I look forward to reading the sequels. I don't know when but I am excited to. So much! Free download.I have read a few of Marian's books and I find her writing witty. English is not her first language which comes through sometimes when she mentions things I'm not familiar with but in this book, I did smile at the references to Mills & Boon books about Greek Billionaires! She mentions M&B authors Lynne Graham and Sharon Kendricks!Mairi was brought up by her two Aunts who told her stories about Greek billionaires falling in love with ordinary girls. Ever since she has been waiting to meet her very own Greek so when Mairi meets Damen Leventis she is professing her love for him within minutes of meeting! It's a bit of a far fetched tale and instant love which is not my favourite thing to read in books. Yes it is witty as usual and Damen is an alpha male but I was annoyed to find the story continues into another 4 books, three of which are already out but in my view are far too expensive for the amount of pages they contain. I just wish authors would write one whole book.
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I want to have my own Greek billionaire yay... Geez this is awesome....
Just a few things that got on my nerves but overall a good read
It's a great book but damn it I HATE cliffhangers.
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