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The Best Revenge (2003)

The Best Revenge (2003)
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The Best Revenge (2003)
The Best Revenge (2003)

About book: I had no idea that this book was a series, and if you were looking for a quick thriller to read, you probably wouldn't notice that this is the eleventh book featuring Dr. Alan Gregory, a psychologist. (Signs of previous Dr. Alan Gregory adventures include the dawn of his professional burnout and the occasional mention of a patient's death, which in that case, you can thank God that there are ten books to guess which ending was ruined). To my surprise, the book started off exciting and strong, and I was definitely feeling the surprise dialogue that is usually found between police officers and butthead superiors. But as in most of my relationships with crime mysteries, the plot became as bizarre as finding out that your boyfriend of two months puts his bananas in the refrigerator. One of my beliefs about stories is that writers can find good endings through the plot and characters, but unfortunately, in this case, White has made a strange loop with all of the characters involved in the story, whether they are relevant to Tom Clone's supposed murder or not. In fact (and perhaps this is a spoiler), even if a character doesn't have to do with Tom Clone, that character will eventually finds it way to the Tom Clone social network. In fact, the only redeemable quality of the book is in fact the only person who didn't have a dating history with Tom Clone - Alan Gregory, whose subtly sardonic narrative provides the only true entertainment in this mess of criminal/FBI/local cop/revenge-seeker rendezvous.

4.5 StarsUntil now, this the best White novel that I've read (listened to). It's by far faster-paced than the others n the series and the split protagonist gives the series a breath of fresh air. This reads a lot more like a thriller than others and is well-written using even more of Boulder's surrounding area as a main character. There are a few twists along the way, and once you get accustomed to the staggered time line it's a 'page turner' for sure. The main FBI agent whom half the book is focussed on reminded me a little too much like Amelia Sachs (right down to the leg injury) but I think Stephen developed the new character well while not taking any importance away from Alan. A good story, excellently narrated by Dick Hill.
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Barbara Elsborg
So many twists and turns you can bend yourself inside out trying to keep up, but I did like the story. I felt so sorry for Tom. In prison for 13 years for a murder he didn't commit - finally he's proved innocent and his real nightmare is only just beginning. I like to read stories set in Boulder - where my son spent a year at University - I can remember many of the roads White describes. Luckily I never met any of the psychos! It's a fast paced story, an enjoyable and as a study in how far someone will go to get revenge, it delivers.
A man is released from prison after he spent 13 years on death row for a murder he didn’t commit. Or did he? Throughout, Stephen White’s The Best Revenge, it seems so, then it seems not, then it seems so, etc. And you’ll keep changing your mind as you try to pick up the clues. I found, though, I missed plenty of clues when I thought White was just giving background at the beginning of the book. Read it carefully. Someone is making life miserable for the ex-con. Or are they? Why is an FBI agent interested in him? How can their psychologist act ethically knowing what he knows?A good mystery/thriller does at least three things: 1) it doesn’t make you read several chapters before the action starts; 2) it keeps you from doing anything else because you don’t want to put it down; and 3) it makes you anticipate what’s going to happen, but what happens isn’t what you anticipated. Halfway through this book, I thought it accomplished two of those things. It made me keep guessing, but my guesses were wrong, and I wasn’t getting much done while I read it. I realized later, though, that mysteries and clues to the mysteries began at the beginning. I didn’t recognize them.I’m happy to say that I found an author, i.e., Stephen White is a new author for me, and now I get to read the rest of what he’s written. If you like a good mystery/thriller and you haven’t read White yet, I suggest you do.
Tatiana Campos
Definitely a page turner. The prologue was especially great at drawing me in as the reader. The first few chapters were a bit slower paced than what drew me in at first, but once you get into it, you don’t notice it as much. And it picks up as you delve further into the book :DThere were A LOT of unexpected twists and turns that I really never saw coming! And that’s always a bonus for me. I love to guess and none of my guesses came close! I love being wrong in thrillers!Really a fun read and I’d totally recommend it to anyone :)
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