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The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat And Cheese Belong In A Healthy Diet (2014)

The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet (2014)

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1451624425 (ISBN13: 9781451624427)
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About book The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat And Cheese Belong In A Healthy Diet (2014)

A real eye-opener. Nina reviews the research supporting the Ancel Keyes Diet-Heart hypothesis and finds it lacking. This hypothesis rests on two premises: 1, that eating fat, especially saturated fat, raises cholesterol; and 2, that higher cholesterol leads to increased risk of heart disease.Essentially the more detailed and lengthy the study, the less of a link is found. Multi year studies with large populations of participants have found that a diet lower in fat (and higher in carbohydrates) leads to higher overall mortality. You may be miserable but you'll die sooner on a low fat diet!The really important thing to do is separate the statements of the researchers from the data that the tests generate. Although the researchers may say one thing, the data may say something else. When this happens, go with the data. Every time.Nina investigates the alternative hypothesis, called the carbohydrate hypothesis, that what causes heart disease is a high carb diet. She explores the research supporting this hypothesis and and makes a convincing argument that is is more likely right than Diet-Heart. A must read. This is an excellent book which spends about 2/3rds of the pages reviewing the "scientific" studies that have driven US nutritional guidelines since the 60's (which happens to coincide with the surge of obesity and heart disease in the US). The author does go into detail on individual studies (most pages have footnotes with even more information), but to summarize our guidelines have been formed on studies that show associations in limited populations and often with glaring omissions (studying people in a Catholic country during lent will obviously show lower meat consumption).In fact, these studies became so accepted that basic hypothesis testing went out the door. Funding was restricted for studies that went against the generally accepted belief that a low fat, high carbohydrate diet was optimal, which only furthered the idea in the media and general public that it was the "right" answer.The next 1/6 of the book was about higher fat diets and how studies showed that they were beneficial to ones health. As one who lives paleo, I wish this section had been larger, but I guess there aren't that many studies to include.What makes this book great is that the final 1/6th of the book is all references. The author was great about finding primary sources and even interviewing the researchers for this book.While I do have my bias and believe that a high fat, lower carb diet is a better one for humans, this book will open your eyes to the science behind these decisions, no matter your beliefs or diet.

Do You like book The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat And Cheese Belong In A Healthy Diet (2014)?

No more low fat diets for me. This book makes perfect sense. Sugar and carbs are the diet baddies.

I thought this book was compelling and very convincing, a nice read.

A revelation. Well researched though a little too wordy.

Good to read along with Gary Taubes', Why We Get Fat.

A very important book that everyone should read.

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