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The Billion-Dollar Marriage Contract (2014)

The Billion-Dollar Marriage Contract (2014)

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About book The Billion-Dollar Marriage Contract (2014)

I honestly have no words to describe how much I loved this book! It had everything that I loved, action, romance, passion, drama, heart-whelming moments, and of course heart-breaking moments. And not to mention, those humor moments, especially in the Wedding scene. You know that sore feeling in your heart that you get after reading an amazing book? Well, The Billion Dollar Marriage Contract is the kind of book which connects you to the characters and their emotions. And trust me, not many authors have the ability to capture the readers`s minds and hearts. But Alyssa Urbano, in my opinion, with her creativity and her captivity, is the next Jk-Rowling perhaps. And I am sure that The Billion Dollar Marriage Contract is not the last of Alyssa Urbano`s amazing and captivating books. And I honestly can`t wait for more from this wonderful author, and her heart capturing books :D Okay, WOW, if someone said that a Filipino wrote this beforehand, I wouldn't have believed them. All throughout the book I thought the writer was greek!so kudos to Ms. Alyssa. I don't know if she has Greek lineage or just very knowledgeable in Greek culture but, yeah, kuodos all the same.The Andrades and Demakis. Two wealthy families at war with each other all because in the name of love. So when an opportunity to crush and fulfill a lifelong vendetta against another arises, one simply takes advantage of the opportune.So when Stavros Shipping goes down in shambles, Costas Andrade proposes a merger to his rival. Win-win, yes? But it may just be a plot to make the Demakis lose their company and make their lives miserable from Stavros down to his grandson, Nikos.Nikos is the ultimate bachelor, young and rich and successful. The great triumvirate of the ultimate bachelor. He gets what what he wants when he wants it so why would he tie down himself with marriage with someone he doesn't even want and even more so to someone he is bound to hate?Cassia is a social outcast. She recently discovered that his father was an heir to a billion dollar company and that his grandfather is still alive. Pulled out form fostercare, Cassia just can't seem to fit in with the rich and wealthy. She is socially awkward and feels unbeautiful amongst supermodels and beauty queens. So when Nikos pays some attention to her, she is instantly enthralled. Even moreso when she found out that she would be wed to him.Apart from that this has typical ugly duckling urned to swan coming for revenge ring to it, I found it quite enjoyable. Yes, Nikos is a bastard whom is gullible contrary to what the others might say, believing the lies of a family rival over his wife's word and Cassia has that drive all other heroines instantly have when they were mocked and belittled. But all in all, this was a pleasant read.

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exciting and fresh for a billionaire tale.

I seriously freaken loved this book :)

awesome story

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