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The Blind Date (2013)

The Blind Date (2013)

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Delaney Diamond

About book The Blind Date (2013)

This is the second book I have read by Ms. Diamond. The first one was sweet. Now I know she can also get downright hot with her romances.One thing I didn’t appreciate when I started reading the book was the mistake Ryan made years ago when they first met. My jaw dropped at one point because I was so shocked. When they met again at the restaurant, I wanted to punch him in the face. It didn’t take long for Ms. Diamond to switch me over me from being angry with him to rooting for him. Now that’s some great writing.Shawna was strong, fiercely determined, and just plain awesome. Just the way I like my heroines.From the moment they meet to the moment the book ends the heat and attraction is almost palpable. This was one of the reasons I ended up wanting the relationship to work. This was my first book by Ms. Diamond and it definitely won’t be the last. For a relatively small story this book packs a lot of punch and it starts almost immediately with the Blind Date from hell. When Shawna meets her date and discovers it’s Ryan, the guy who stupidly broke her heart years before, we the reader can tell even if she can’t that the chemistry between them is still there. I like both protagonists in this book a lot. How they meet, how they take measure of each other, and eventually how the relationship implodes were the best parts of the book for me. They were both good people but imperfect, believable, and passionate. I loved the fact that Shawna was a goal-setter with an entrepreneurial spirit who was never so single minded that she couldn’t offer compassion for Ryan being on a slower more convoluted track to what he’d do with his life. I also liked the way the story was paced. It moved from the present to the past then back to the present again flawlessly. Would I have liked to see more of their story...perhaps, but I didn't feel cheated. This is a fun, short, and sexy book with two very likable and lovable characters. A worthwhile read.

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Very enjoyable read! Loved the chemistry between Shawna and Ryan!

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